Tips on how to take professional Instagram pictures

Do you want to take your Instagram picture like a professional but don’t know how to achieve it. Don’t worry. I am going to give you the tips on how to make your picture look like a professional selfie

1- choose the right device

Depending on your device, your picture may look cheap if the quality of your camera is not good. I prefer to use a IPhone 8 s , IPhone X or a camera for my pictures because the qualities of pictures on these devices look really good and professional.


2- How you position yourself

Preferable, take short photo for your Instagram picture because they look good. If you want to take fuller image of yourself, make sure you hold your camera in the right position. To take the perfect selfie, put your chin down and your camera up.

3- Hold your camera rightly

A lot of people make that same mistake and they do not know how to hold their camera. For your phone, you should hold your camera horizontally to take the perfect selfie. When you take hold your camera vertically, your face and your chin will look bigger and that something that you don’t want. For a camera, you should always hold your device straight without making a lot of moves.

2- Background

Choose the right background for your pictures. Whether it’s on the street or at a event, choose a background that would make your picture look excellent. I always choose a place that does not have a wall because people would be able to see what’s happening where you are


1- Lighting

The most important part of taking photos, Lighting. Make sure your face is under light when you take a pictures. Do not take your photos in a dark place because everything will look dark and it will not be possible to put it on Instagram. I always take my photos under the sun because it makes them brighter and professional.


Tell me how you take your pictures in the comments below.