Kanye west's brand sales to reach $1.5 billion this year | strange desire feed

This year has been great for Kanye and his family so far. After performing with his group called “Sunday service” at Coachella, Forbes has announced that Yeezy, the company he shares with Adidas has sold $1 billion dollar sales in the last twelve months.

 Remember in 2016,  Ye has an estimated $53 million in debt and he asked Mark Zuckerberg to borrow $1 billion to invest in his shoe company. Later on, his wife and family denied the fact that he was in debt and suggested that he is not financially struggling.

 But yesterday, Forbes revealed the top 100 highest paid celebrities and Kanye came with $150 million in the third place after Kylie Jenner, his sister in law. To celebrate this successful journey, Kim Kardashian took Instagram to congratulate her husband and revealed that he was indeed in debt. Take a look.