My birthday| cake+gift

This year, I was so excited for my birthday. January is my favorite month of the year because guess what? well, it is my birthday month. I always wait for that day every year, and when it comes, I am not always excited as I was before. This year, I did something small for my birthday. First, we went to our favorite restaurant in Canada which is β€œ Cactus club café” to eat their delicacy. This year was really special because I gather my family for the first time in years. We ate, dance, ate the cake and went to the cinema. I have always wanted to watch one movie but I did not have the chance nor the time to do it. My sister and my mom surprised me with a birthday present and it was a guitar.


 I did not like it at first because I do not know how to play the guitar. But like a lot of people say, a gift is a gift and you cannot refuse it. I pretended to like it to make my mother and my sister happy and they really were. I was confused because I did not know how to play guitar and I was wondering why they would buy me something I cannot use. At the end of the day, I will have to learn how to play guitar to use my gift one day.


With that said, this year is lit for my family and me.


How is your year going? Tell me in the comments below