Real cause of Cameron Boyce death revealed | Little strange desire official

The world came to complete silence when the family members of Cameron Boyce, a Disney channel star, reveal his death on social media. Cameron Boyce has been a celebrity crush for many young girls since his debut in “ Jessie”  in 2011. He has been on many movies and has won many awards. But On Sunday, his close family members revealed his death which is due to an ongoing medical condition. A source says that he suffered from epilepsy for years now and he was being treated. Unfortunately, he died during his sleep and is best friend Karan Brar, who was on Jessie as well, was the one that found him dead.


Celebrities are reacting to this shocking news. More than eight hundred thousands of comments are left on his page.


His best friends skai jackson, Peyton list and more gave us their feelings. Take a look of what they said: