Five dishes you can't live without | Foody

As a foodie, I always have time to eat. For most people, eating three times per day is enough. But for me, it is way more than that. I spend my time eating, studying, working and blogging. That’s the things I love in life.

From Canadian to international food, I can eat it all. Today, I am going to show you my five best foods that I can’t live without.

5- Pasta

With its flavorful taste, pasta has been one of my favorite dishes for years. I remember, the first time i ate pasta I did not really like it. But when my mother made it for me, she made it with beef and it was delicious. Some people know how to make pasta but some of them really know how to waste it. I like my pasta with chicken or beef


4- Burgers

The most liked fast food, burger is a succulent dish that you cannot resit. It has a lot of flavors and it sates me every time I eat it. My favorite burger is of course Bacon and cheddar bugger. It is good and big at the same time.


3- Fries

People consider fries as a side dish, but i always think that fries are a main dish. I eat them almost everyday and the taste from it always make me feel good all the time. My favorite fries are french fries and curly friends and McDonald knows somehow how to make them the best.


2- Steak

My love for steak did not start today. I have been eating steak since when I was a kid. My mother used to make her steak with whether rice or bread and it was delicious. Steak can be expensive I prefer steak to other meats because it does not have a lot of blood that can sometimes make people ill. My favorite steak is from Cactus club Cafe in Canada.


1- Tchep rice

From its origin in Senegal, Tchep is the most cooked dish in the western African countries. Tchep is really known for its taste. A lot of ingredients are used in the rice to make it really delicious. I love the rice a lot and every time i travel in Africa, I always find a Senegalese restaurant where the rice is sold. I would for sure recommend everyone to try this rice at least once in their life and you’ll not be disappointed.


Tell me, what is your favorite dish in the world?