Things to do this summer | 2019

This summer is going to be hot and one thing you don’t want to do is stay home under the heat. Rather, you’ll want to go out with our friends or family and enjoy every single day of the summer. You may wondering what you could do to enjoy your life. Well, I have some activities i am sure you’ll enjoy doing. First let me give you some ideas and you’ll decide after

5- Going to the museum

Do you love history? you could enjoy learning about your country’s history by going to the museum. The museum is a fun place where you can discover a lot of things that happen in the past like your the lives of the veterans that fought during wars, the arms they used and more… At the museum, you can bring your family with you and enjoy a special time together

4- Visit the Zoo

Spending time with animals seems to be boring but you can learn more than you think. Animals make people happy and calm. During summer, you can go with your family to see animals and take care of them

3- spend your time shopping

Shopping is a cure for a lot of women. According to several studies, women shop most of the time because they want to get away from their problems. Women don’t want to deal with stress and shopping helps them fell better.

2- Travel

Travelling is always gun especially when you travel with the love you love or care about and summer is the perfect time to do it. During summer, you can travel with a friend and go in a sunny country like the Bahamas or better Dubai where you’ll enjoy the sun to the fullest.

1- Go to the swimming pool

When it’s too hot, the first thing you want to do is pour cool water on yourself or better take a shower. But you see it is also boring to spend your time at home when it is too hot. So, the best thing to do is the spend your time swimming. Swimming is a natural remedy for relaxation. You can go to a swimming pool after a long time of stress at work.

Tell me what is your favorite remedy for this summer in the comments below